What to Consider when Choosing a Faucet Valve Cartridge?

Most households have a faucet, and the valve cartridge, an important component of the faucet, has a significant impact on its service life. Therefore, we need to be particularly careful when choosing a faucet valve cartridge. So, what should we pay attention to when selecting a faucet valve cartridge? Let's take a look.

What we should consider when selecting a faucet valve cartridge?

  • When selecting a faucet valve cartridge, we can experience it hands-on by repeatedly turning the faucet handle to see if there is any resistance. A faucet that is flexible and without resistance is better.

  • In addition, the left and right temperature adjustment of the faucet valve cartridge can also be felt through rotation. Generally, the valve cartridge with good quality will feel "empty" and without any resistance when turning left and right.

  • We can clamp the handle of the faucet with the index and middle fingers, and move it up and down, left and right to see if it is flexible, loose or has any resistance. If there is no looseness, it is easy to use, and there is no resistance, then the faucet valve cartridge is of good quality.

  • When selecting a faucet valve cartridge, we need to pay attention to its function, appearance, quality and performance. Therefore, when selecting a faucet valve cartridge, we should try to choose products from big companies or big brands, as their products are relatively trustworthy.

The three major types of faucet valve cartridges

As one of the professional faucet cartridge manufacturers, next we will introduce the three types:

Ceramic valve cartridge

The ceramic valve cartridge has good wear resistance and sealing performance. Even if the faucet is frequently turned on and off, it will not weaken its sealing performance, so there will be no water leakage during use. In addition, its physical properties are relatively stable, so it has a longer service life and is favored by many homeowners. However, the price of ceramic valve cartridges is relatively expensive compared to other materials.

Stainless steel valve cartridge

The stainless steel valve cartridge is a valve cartridge with high technical content. It is mainly processed using laser technology to form an irregular seven-hole steel ball valve cartridge. This type of valve cartridge is usually used in areas with poor water quality, as it will not be affected by impurities in the water and will not affect its service life. However, its production cost is relatively high because of its sophisticated processing technology.

Axis rolling valve cartridge 

The axis rolling valve cartridge is easy to operate, and its handle can be rotated smoothly and comfortably. In addition, it has the advantages of anti-aging and wear resistance. However, it is an old-style valve cartridge that can no longer meet the needs of modern people and is gradually phasing out of the market.