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As ceramic cartridge suppliers, Wanhai began manufacturing of ceramic cartridges 23 years ago. Today We have grown to become one of the worlds largest global prime ceramic cartridge manufacturers, with almost 96% of the core development and manufacturing processes completely done in house and 2022 capacity of over 90 million finished Wanhai cartridges. Quality, Cost and On Time Delivery to our Valued Strategic Customer Partners has been the cornerstone of Wanhai cartridge's focus and commitment from its leadership and people.
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WANHAI's focus is on markets that needs water and energy saving cartridges. As one of the professional faucet cartridge suppliers in the world, we are devoted to providing a creative driver to study and research all critical needs of the faucets and finding smart water solutions

Continually changing markets and rapid innovation cycles make the development and provision of new products and services complex for faucet cartridge manufacturers. Wanhai new solutions focus on the smarter water flow, easier casting of the faucet with effective cost saving .

For faucet cartridge suppliers, ceramics cartridges are the heart of the faucet, ceramic discs are the heart of the cartridge. All parts of WANHAI cartridges are produced internally, extreme care is dedicated to the discs where it's essential to have complete control of every step of production to be sure of a finished product that will ensure precision, durability and reliability.

Wanhai cartridge begins with the selection of the best raw materials made cohesive through cold forming, the sintering process in high temperature ovens, lapping, cleaning, drying and finally surface inspection.

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About Wanhai Cartridge
About Wanhai Cartridge
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Wanhai aims to provide world wide ceramic cartridge manufacturers with the quality ceramic cartridges or wanhai shower cartridges at the best prices, while granting dedicated service with local and constant feedback. Quore is part of Wan Hai Group, leaders in the field with over 80 millions pieces produced yearly thanks to a team composed by 503 workers and 43 senior engineers working in a 46000 sqm production site.

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  • 46000
  • 503
  • 43
  • 80000000
Wanhai pays attention to quality and service of faucet cartridges. Welcome to visit us and join hands for a prosperous future.
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