There Is No Best  , Only Better And Better

There Is No Best , Only Better And Better

The ceramic cartridge  is the heart of the faucet, and the ceramic disc is the heart of the cartridge. All components of WANHAI cartridges are produced in-house and the discs are handled with the utmost care, so every step of the production must be fully controlled to ensure that the finished product is accurate, durable and reliable.

It first selects the best raw material made by dry pressing, sintering process in high temperature oven, grinding, cleaning, drying and final surface inspection.

Seals are also produced in-house, including material mixing, stamping and vulcanization. 

No third-party suppliers of components are involved, only select raw materials sourced from around the world go into the factory.

Ceramic Cartridge Manufacturing Steps

  • Dry Pressing
    Dry Pressing

    Dry pressing with high-quality German raw materials

  • Sintering

    Material hardens during sintering, 18 hours at 1650°C

  • Defect Inspection
    Defect Inspection

    Any defective discs found this way are removed from the production line and discarded

  • Double-sided Grinding
    Double-sided Grinding

    The disc is ground on both sides

  • Polishing

    Disc polishing, minimum 25 minutes for bottom and 18 minutes for top surface

  • Second Polishing
    Second Polishing

    more polishing of the surface

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
    Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Cleaning discs by ultrasonic

  • Ceramic Disc Inspection
    Ceramic Disc Inspection

    The operator checks the ceramic discs to see if they are suitable for the next step

  • Silicon Vulcanization
    Silicon Vulcanization

    The compound produces

  • Material Preform
    Material Preform

    Plastic material is formed by machine

  • Silicon Vulcanization
    Silicon Vulcanization

    Gaskets are vulcanized

  • Deburring

    The gasket is scraped clean

  • An Examination
    An Examination

    Check the part for the next step

  • Injection

    The cartridge plastic shell is injected

  • Part

    Ceramic cartridge parts assembly, 7 workers per line

  • Dynamic Stress Test
    Dynamic Stress Test

    Dynamic Pressure Test of Cartridges

  • Leak Test
    Leak Test

    Each cartridge is leak-tested before items are packaged

  • Final Product
    Final Product

    Quore ceramic cartridges are ready to ship

Machine/Factory/Work Island List

  • 4

    Oven Lines

  • 17

    Machine Dry Presses

  • 48

    Different Polishing Stations

  • 45

    Injection Molding Machines

  • > 30

    Different Machines in the Test Center

Wanhai pays attention to quality and service of faucet cartridges. Welcome to visit us and join hands for a prosperous future.
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