The Key to Choosing a Shower Sprinkler is the Faucet Valve Cartridge

How is the water controlled in a faucet? What is its structure and principle?

The faucet is one of the most common items in life, and it greatly facilitates our lives and saves water resources. When we buy a faucet, how can we choose a good one? In addition to choosing the brand of the faucet, we can also understand its structure and see how it works.

Compared with the past, today's faucets are more complex and varied. Therefore, to understand the faucet structure and principle, we must have a grasp and understanding of the structure diagram of the faucet. The faucet structure diagram shows us the various components of the faucet, so we can better understand it. Otherwise, we don't even know what's inside the faucet.

We can know that the structure of the basin is still very complex. It is a single ceramic valve cartridge, mainly consisting of a handle, a valve cartridge, an inlet woven pipe and small installation accessories. It also includes some sealing rings, screws, and so on.

Choosing a showerhead is key to choosing the heart-faucet valve cartridge

Water-saving products have appeared on the market, but they have not yet occupied a large market share. Water-saving bathroom products are priced higher than ordinary bathroom products, and many consumers will not choose water-saving products from a short-term perspective. However, in the long run, it is still economical. When choosing a water-saving showerhead, the appearance is one aspect, and the other aspect is the cartridge of the showerhead-faucet valve cartridge. We need to put more effort into selecting it.

There are three common faucet cartridge types on the market: stainless steel ball valve cartridge, ceramic disc valve cartridge, and shaft roller valve cartridge. The best faucet is made of the ball valve, which is recognized by the industry as the most outstanding product in water conservation. Most water-saving faucets now use ceramic valve cartridges, which improve the sealing performance and can be opened and closed tens of thousands of times without leaking a drop of water. Compared with old-fashioned faucets, they can save water by 30% to 50%. The latest water-saving faucets have been innovated again. You can adjust or remove the water-saving device installed in the faucet according to your needs and freely switch to control the water-saving rate.

For faucet valve cartridge suppliers,ceramic valve cartridge is the heart of the faucet, and the ceramic disc is the heart of the valve cartridge. All the components of WANHAI ink cartridges are internally produced, and the CD is very careful. Every step of the production must be fully controlled to ensure that the finished product can guarantee accuracy, durability, and reliability. WANHAI ink cartridges start with the selection of the best raw materials, undergo cold molding, high-temperature oven sintering, grinding, cleaning, drying, and finally surface inspection.