The Function of Lavatory Faucet Cartridge

Faucets are very common in daily life and are frequently used because they are found wherever there is water. Due to water quality issues, some people use a filter on their faucet to achieve effective filtration. Generally, a filter is installed on the faucet, and the typical filter uses pressure-driven membrane technology to effectively remove calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic and inorganic substances, and almost all minerals and impurities in the water, making it safe to drink. In modern life, every family values the use of a faucet filter because it can prevent secondary pollution of tap water and convenient and easy to use, making it widely used. Next Wanhai cartridge will take you through a quick world of this.

Understanding the lavatory faucet cartridge

The most important part of a household faucet filter is the filter element, and the filtering effect completely depends on the filter element. As the faucet filter is relatively small, the filter element is also small. Under the same amount of impurities, the service life of the filter element of the basin faucet will be shorter. If the filter element is not replaced in a timely manner, the filtered tap water may be insufficiently filtered and may contain a small amount of impurities.


Functions of the lavatory faucet cartridge

The lavatory faucet cartridge function is also an important part:

Regulating water quality of the lavatory faucet cartridge

It adjusts the pH value of water to make it weakly alkaline, balances the acidity and alkalinity of body fluids, and improves human health. Water enriched in minerals and trace elements promotes good health and helps to maintain a balanced nutritional intake. 

Mineralizing water quality of the lavatory faucet cartridge

The filter element can enrich the water with 58 minerals and trace elements that the human body needs, thus maintaining the nutritional balance of the human body. However, after a period of use, the filter element may release new pollutants if not cleaned in time, so it is essential to replace the filter element regularly.

Purifying water quality of the lavatory faucet cartridge

It thoroughly removes residual chlorine in tap water and removes mud, rust, metal, odor, bacteria, and various harmful substances (according to the World Health Organization, 60% of cancers are related to residual chlorine in tap water).