How To Clean Faucet Cartridge?

The faucet is a product that every household needs. But A lot of families did not notice the maintenance of faucets, bringing about faucets appearing fault finally. If the faucet in the home is used for a long time but not clean, it is easy to appear clogged. So, how to clean the faucet filter? Let's take a look.

Clean The Faucet Cartridge Tips

1. the first need to replace the filter faucet filter down, the specific steps, is the first to the faucet in accordance with its installation of the last node, with tools to open it, you can take out the filter.

2. Bubble the faucet filter with white vinegar for 4-6 hours, and then wipe the water mouth with a rag to remove the scale on the filter net of the faucet cartridge.

Faucet Filter Cleaning Precautions

1. Every two or three months, it is necessary to clean the faucets and filters at home on schedule.

2. When you are cleaning up the stain of faucet, need to use a neutral cleaning agent to clean it coating outside, should be used after washing clean soft cloth to wipe clean, never use purificant or some cause damage to the plating outside clean agent, such as some household cleanser and clean lavatory spirit, because they contain minor minerals.

3, with a long faucet outside the luster will fade, can use lemon slices in the above brush a few can look brand-new.

The above is to introduce how to clean the faucet filter, as well as the faucet filter cleaning matters needing attention. If the faucet in the home is not clean for a long time, it is likely to lead to the plug of the faucet filter, so that the water flow out. Serious still may lead to when using water, the faucet is broken to making water splash everywhere, so the faucet filter in the home needs to be cleaned and replaced often. Hope this article can help you. Contact us for more wanhai faucet cartridge products, like the 25mm ceramic disc cartridge and mixer tap inner cartridge.


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