How to Replace a Faucet Valve Cartridge?

In our home, the faucet is the most important product in ensuring our daily household water use, making our family's water use more convenient and bringing great convenience to our lives. However, when using the faucet, it is inevitable that some faults may occur, affecting our user experience, especially when there is a problem such as water leakage, which will certainly cause great inconvenience to our lives. To solve this problem quickly, there is no need to replace the entire faucet, just replace the faucet valve cartridge.

Replace the faucet valve cartridge: Preparation

If the valve is damaged, we need to purchase a new one to replace it. The new valve must be compatible with your faucet. Generally, if you buy a brand of faucet, you can buy the faucet valve cartridge at that brand's store. According to the screws of your home faucet, prepare a cross or flathead screwdriver, or an internal hex wrench, as well as a pair of needle-nose pliers and a small knife.

Replace the faucet valve cartridge: Remove the hot and cold water buttons and remove the valve

Before replacing the valve, find the water source switch of the faucet and turn it off to prevent water from spraying when replacing it. Then find the hot and cold water button or plastic cap and gently pry it off with a knife. This way you can see the screw inside. After opening the hot and cold water button, see what shape the screw is, whether it is a cross, flathead, or hexagonal screw, and then decide which type of screwdriver or internal hex wrench to use. Unscrew the screw inside the hole with a screwdriver, and then you can remove the handle of the faucet.

After removing the handle, you can see the valve inside. Some faucet valve cartridges have a fixed outer shell, which can be removed by removing the cover. Then you can see the card holder that fixes the valve core. Generally, there are four claws on the card holder. Use the pliers to clamp two of the claws on both sides and rotate clockwise to remove the card holder.

Replace the faucet valve cartridge: Installation

After removing the card holder, you can remove the damaged faucet valve cartridge, and then install the new valve. Reverse the previous steps to reinstall the other components. After installing the faucet handle, turn on the water source valve to see if there is any leakage. If there is no problem, lock the handle and install the hot and cold water plastic cap.