The Difference Between Ceramic Valve Faucets and Brass Valve Faucets

What is ceramic valve faucet?

Ceramic valve faucets can be classified into two categories: one is made of ceramic materials throughout the body of the faucet, with valve core made of other materials; the other is the ceramic valve core used in the faucet, with the body made of other materials. As the valve core of the faucet is closely related to the service life of the whole faucet, when we talk about ceramic valve faucet, it usually refers to the second category, i.e. the one with ceramic valve core.

Nowadays, ceramic valve faucets are becoming increasingly popular on the market. Not only because of their diversity in shape and longer service life, but more importantly, in the context of people paying more and more attention to drinking water health, ceramic valve faucets are better adapted to various water quality conditions.

What are the benefits of ceramic valve faucet?

Compared with other faucets, ceramic valve faucets have the advantages of being rust-free, non-oxidizing and wear-resistant. The appearance of ceramic valve faucets is elegant and generous. Being made of ceramic products, they can be better matched with bathroom products, adding artistic sense and setting off the high-end temperament of the bathroom. Ceramic valve faucets have a long service life and their ceramic valve core is the new generation of valve core material, with good sealing performance, stable physical properties and a service life of more than 10 years under normal use. They are also relatively cheap and less likely to pollute water quality.

What are the differences between ceramic valve faucet and all-copper faucet?

Ceramic valve faucet

Due to the special nature of its material, ceramic valve faucets are not easy to rust, oxidize and wear. Ceramic valve faucets come in a variety of styles, with most of them having exquisite appearance and various patterns, which can better match with other bathroom products and present a unique overall style. However, due to the limitations of ceramic material, the faucet is prone to breakage if not used properly.

All-copper faucet

Made of metal, and with the surface of the all-copper faucet treated with chrome plating during production, it has better luster effect and good wear and corrosion resistance. Although its wear and acid-alkali resistance have been greatly improved, it is still slightly inferior to ceramic. However, when the water flows out, the all-copper faucet usually uses a foaming device for softening and filtering treatment, which prevents splash and sprays of water like other faucets.