Why Use the Ceramic Valve Faucet?

If you are looking for a premium faucet to install in your kitchen or bathroom, you should consider using ceramic valve faucets. While they are certainly more expensive than compression faucets with rubber seals, there are some clear advantages. As one of the most professional ceramic cartridge manufacturers in the world, Wanhai will introduce you this.

The reasons to use ceramic valve faucets 

Ceramic lasts much longer than rubber

In theory, the ceramic faucet cartridge seat on a ceramic valve faucet should last a lifetime. However, in practice, they usually last only about 25-30 years. Still, when you compare this to the 3-5 year lifespan of a cartridge faucet or the 1-3 year expected lifespan of a compression faucet, these types of faucets are more durable.

Better protection for the valve

Because water flows between two ceramic disc seats in a ceramic disc faucet, instead of between a rubber seal and a valve, the valve is better protected and less likely to corrode or wear out.

Cheaper replacement parts

If you do need to replace the ceramic valve seat in a ceramic valve faucet, you will find that they are very inexpensive. In fact, you can buy a branded ceramic seat for just a dollar or two. Compared to a $30 cartridge replacement or $10 seal for other types of faucets, ceramic valve faucets don't seem expensive.

Another advantage of ceramic valve faucets is that they are very hard and do not wear out like traditional rubber gaskets. Ceramic is strong enough to resist cracking and withstand extremes of hot and cold. The ceramic disc also protects the valve's metal from corrosion. Old-style faucets required the handle to be turned two full revolutions to start the water flow, but the low-friction ceramic valve allows the faucet to be operated with just a quarter turn. This means you won't be twisting the handle into a washer every time you use the faucet.

Because turning the water on and off is so easy, ceramic valve faucets are suitable for people with disabilities or health conditions that limit their grip strength. The handles never stick and you don't need to tighten them to avoid leaks. A simple touch of a finger, wrist, or hand is enough to fully start or stop the faucet. Ceramic valve faucets typically include cartridges that allow you to set the water temperature. This can prevent you from being scalded by hot water or chilled by cold water.

A flow-adjustable cartridge also allows you to adjust the water flow. If you are concerned about conserving water, you will be pleased to have this feature. If you have a little basic plumbing knowledge, disassembling the cartridge and discs for cleaning and maintenance is not difficult when needed.