Why Is It Important to Have a Ceramic Valve Cartridge in a Shower Head?

The upgrade of shower heads in modern households is quite fast, with more styles to choose from and more powerful functions. However, while people pay more attention to aesthetics, they do not forsake the practicality of faucets. The valve cartridge of a shower head is a crucial part that determines the lifespan and quality of the shower head. So why is the ceramic valve cartridge so important?

Understanding of ceramic valve cartridges

Ceramic valve cartridges include a valve cartridge shell installed in the faucet, with a rotating cartridge inserted inside. The lower end of the rotating cartridge is connected to the moving valve sheet through a fork, while the moving valve sheet and the stationary valve sheet press against each other. The stationary valve sheet is fixed inside the valve cartridge shell, and a pressing plate and a sealing gasket are also installed below it. The stationary valve sheet has two opposite inlet holes, and the moving valve sheet has outlet holes corresponding to the inlet holes. There is a through-hole on the rotating cartridge that is parallel to the axis. When the rotating cartridge is rotated, the fork at the lower end drives the moving valve sheet to rotate, causing the outlet hole on the moving valve sheet to match the inlet hole on the stationary valve sheet. Finally, water flows out from the through-hole on the rotating cartridge. This design is widely used in faucet water outlets.

The importance of ceramic valve cartridges

At present, the valve cartridges of shower heads are basically divided into three categories: shaft rolling valve cartridges, ceramic valve cartridges, and steel ball valve cartridges. Most of the valve cartridges on the market now use ceramic valve cartridges, because ceramic materials have little impact on water pollution, good wear resistance and sealing, and their prices are relatively affordable, with high cost performance.

Highly wear-resistant

Relevant studies have shown that ceramic valve cartridges can still operate smoothly after more than 500,000 switch operations, making them easier to operate. Their improved aging and wear resistance better ensure the stability of shower head operation, making them durable and reducing the cost of maintenance.

Good sealing performance

The high tensile strength, deformation resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance of ceramics determine their excellent sealing performance. Ceramic valve cartridges make faucets less likely to leak water and help achieve water conservation goals. The quality of the ceramic valve cartridge affects the quality of the faucet. There are many brands of faucets on the market, and consumers need to have a discerning eye to judge the quality of products and choose the right brand.