How To Disassemble Faucet Cartridge?

Faucet cartridge is an indispensable appliance for every family. Although the faucet cartridge is small, they can affect people's quality of life.

Faucet cartridge is one of the important components of the faucet, its quality still determines the quality of the faucet. So how to remove the faucet cartridge? Next Wanhai will teach you to disassemble the faucet spool method, take a look together.

Methods 1

First close the main water valve, you can use a screwdriver inserted under the handle of the faucet, left and right up pry, to one side pry, to slowly

Here, apply even and steady force, so that you can remove the spool.

Method 2

First close the main water valve, and then put a red and blue mark of about 8 mm on the faucet handle, buckle down, loosen the fixing screw counterclockwise with a flat-head screwdriver, take down the handle, open the spool of the faucet with a movable wrench, open the upper part of the gland with a wrench, and take out the ceramic spool inside.

Methods 3

First, close the main water valve, unscrew the blue cap on the right handle, loosen the screws inside with a Phillips screwdriver, and remove the handle, the spool is exposed, and then unscrew the spool with an adjustable wrench.

Simple Method Of Faucet Spool Identification

1. switch FAUCet handle, with the hand to feel, up and down when the switch is not blocked midway feeling! (Blocked means bad)

2. turn the spool switch to half, stop. And then hit it in place! With the feeling to compare, the upper half and the lower half feel is not the same! (slightly high-grade spool can do this)

3. spool about (adjust the heat and cold)! (Use the above method first) and then look at the weight, good spool about the time is "idling", that is, feel very light!

4. use the index finger and middle finger to gently clip the handle of the faucet up and down and move gently around, observe whether it is flexible and not loose, whether there is a blocking feel, whether there is oil damping feel, such as flexible and not loose, no blocking feel and heavy oil damping feel can be bought!