Points About The Purchase Of Faucet Cartridge

Every household must have a faucet, and the spool as an important part of the faucet, has an important impact on the service life of the faucet. Therefore, we need to be extra careful when buying faucet spool. So choose and buy faucet spool what matters needing attention? Now, let's find out!

The Choice of Faucet Cartridge

1. When we choose the faucet spool, we can experience it personally. We can turn on and off the faucet handle repeatedly by hand to see if there is resistance. The faucet with flexible action and no resistance is better.

2. In addition, the left and right cold and heat regulation of the faucet spool can also be felt by turning. Generally good quality spool left and right rotation, "idling" feeling is relatively light, without any resistance.

3. We can use the middle finger of the index finger to clip the handle of the faucet, and then pull up and down to see whether flexible, loose, pressure. If there is no loosening, flexibility and convenience in use, there is no resistance, then the spool quality of the faucet is better.

4. When we choose the faucet spool, we should not only pay attention to its function and appearance, but also pay attention to its quality and quality. Therefore, we should try our best to choose large manufacturers and brands when buying faucet spool. The quality of the spool of this faucet is relatively guaranteed.

Three Types of Faucet Cartridge

1. Ceramic spool ceramic spool has good wear resistance and sealing performance. Even if the faucet is often switched on and off, its sealing performance will not be weakened. Therefore, there will be no leakage in the process of use. In addition, its physical properties are relatively stable, so the service life is long, favored by the majority of car owners. But the price of ceramic spool is more expensive than other materials.

2. Stainless steel spool

Stainless steel spool is a kind of high technical spool. The irregular seven-hole steel ball valve core is mainly processed by laser technology. This spool is generally used in areas with poor water quality, because it will not be affected by impurities in the water and will not affect its service life. But its production cost is higher, because its processing technology is more complex.

3. Roller spool

The shaft roll valve element is easy to operate. Its handle can make the fox turn smoothly, feel comfortable. In addition, it also has the advantages of anti-aging, wear resistance and so on. However, the roller spool is the old spool, has been unable to meet the needs of modern people, gradually out of the market.