What Are the Advantages of Ceramic Valve Cartridges?

Introduction to ceramic valve cartridge

The ceramic valve cartridge includes a valve cartridge shell installed in the faucet, and a rotary cartridge is inserted in the valve cartridge shell. The lower end of the rotary cartridge is connected to the dynamic valve piece through a dial fork, the dynamic valve piece and the static valve piece are closely combined, and the static valve piece is fixedly installed in the valve cartridge shell. A pressing piece and a sealing gasket are also installed under the static valve piece. The static valve piece has two opposite water inlet holes, while the dynamic valve piece has an outlet hole corresponding to the water inlet hole. Also, the rotary cartridge has a through-hole in line with the center axis direction.

The ceramic valve cartridge has strong resistance to aging and wear, which decides that its service life is much longer than that of other valve cartridges. So what are the advantages of ceramic valve cartridge?

Advantages of ceramic valve cartridge

  • Ceramic valve cartridge has diamond-like high-end performance and long service life. The ceramic valve cartridge is made of new ceramic structural materials using high-tech technology, which has the hardness of diamond. The deformation amount of ceramic materials is small and they have higher bonding strength compared to metals. In general, the crystal ion radius of the ceramic material is small, and the ion electric value is high with a large coordination number, which determines that the ceramic material has high tensile strength, compressive strength, elastic modulus, hardness, etc. The ceramic valve cartridge has high quality and comfortable and light touch. Relevant studies have shown that the ceramic valve cartridge can still be operated smoothly and effortlessly even after more than 500,000 switch operations, and can be durable.

  • Ceramic valve cartridge is resistant to aging and wear, does not need maintenance, ensures the stability of operation, and saves maintenance costs and labor intensity. Meanwhile, its resistance to aging and wear also makes its service life much longer than that of other valve cartridges.

  • The superior sealing performance of the ceramic valve cartridge ensures no leaking. The high-performance ceramic lubrication and sealing materials have the advantages of high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and good mechanical strength and lubrication performance, and have broad applications in aviation, aerospace, atomic energy, microelectronics, and other fields.

  • The wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, and stable characteristics of the ceramic valve cartridge greatly extend the service life of the faucet. The highly sealed ceramic valve cartridge has been well received by people from all walks of life. The faucet with ceramic valve cartridge has become a mainstream product in modern household life and has been favored by many consumers.