Selection Tips for Ceramic Valve Faucets

Understand ceramic valve faucets

A faucet is a popular term for a water valve used to control the size and switch on/off of water flow, with water-saving effects. The upgrading speed of faucets is very fast, such as the current ceramic valve faucets that have the advantages of no rust, oxidation, and easy wear. So how do you choose ceramic valve faucets? Wanhai is one of the professional ceramic cartridge manufacturers in the world, we will introduce you this.

What are the tips for selecting ceramic valve faucets?

  • If you are selecting a product whose faucet body is made of ceramic material and the valve core is made of other materials, you must pay special attention to the quality of the ceramic material and its glazing process when selecting. Generally, ceramics with excellent glazing process have a smooth and delicate touch, with no burrs and sand eyes visible to the naked eye, and have low water absorption rates in use, with a longer service life.

  • If you are selecting a faucet whose body is made of other materials and the valve core is made of ceramic material, it is recommended to choose an all-copper faucet because copper material has excellent surface electroplating process, good luster, and good wear resistance and durability. However, there are many counterfeit copper faucets on the market, so you must pay more attention during the selection process, and try to choose a regular manufacturer when buying faucets. Generally, high-quality all-copper faucets have a smooth and delicate surface and can shine brilliantly in the sun. When selecting the valve core, make sure to choose the ceramic valve core so that it can be considered a ceramic valve faucet.

  • When selecting ceramic faucet cartridge, you must also pay attention to the aerators of the faucets. When selecting, you can open the faucet and feel the water flow with your hand. If the water flow is soft and foamy, it means that the quality of the aerator is good. The reason for choosing a ceramic valve faucet with an aerator is that even if the water outlet of the faucet is too large, the water will not splash around, and it can achieve the purpose of water conservation.

  • For ceramic valve faucets used in different environments, attention should also be paid to their selection. For example, faucets for bathtubs are generally double outlet faucets. When selecting, pay attention to the length of the water outlet of the faucet, which should be slightly longer than the width of the bathtub edge to ensure that the water does not flow outside when injecting water. For ceramic valve faucets used in washbasins, it is best to choose faucets with short and low water outlets that are both practical and coordinated. If ceramic valve faucets are used in the kitchen, it is best to choose products with high heads and long water outlets. The water outlet should extend to the top of the drain and the faucet should not splash.