Service Life and Sealing Performance of Ceramic Valve Cartridges

As we all know, the main body of a shower is the faucet head, and the valve cartridge hidden inside the faucet head is the "heart" that controls the water output. Under the control of the handle, the valve cartridge can move to achieve the control of hot and cold water and water flow. No matter how clever the design and how diverse the functions of a showerhead are, without the valve cartridge, the most basic function of water output cannot be realized, indicating the importance of the valve cartridge. Therefore, it is essential to choose a durable and high-quality valve cartridge when purchasing a showerhead. So, what material is good for the valve cartridge?

Why is ceramic valve cartridge so popular?

It is the most commonly used valve cartridge in the industry with the highest cost-performance ratio. Most well-known international bathroom brand products are equipped with ceramic valve cartridges. What makes ceramic valve cartridges so popular is their high wear resistance, high tensile strength, deformity resistance, and long service life. Due to the characteristics of the material, ceramic valve cartridges are less likely to be corroded, with minimal water pollution, and provide guaranteed water safety. They also have good sealing performance, which prevents water from leaking. Compared to other metal valve cartridges, ceramic valve cartridges are lighter in weight, easier to install, and cost less. However, ceramic valve cartridges have their drawbacks, as they require higher water quality, and impurities in the water will affect their service life. For regular urban tap water, ceramic valve cartridges can be used without any problems.

When rotating the ceramic valve cartridge, the fork at the bottom of the rotating cartridge drives the valve plate to rotate, causing the water outlet hole on the valve plate to correspond to the water inlet hole on the static valve plate, and finally water flows out from the through-hole on the rotating cartridge. This design is widely used in the water outlet of the faucet head.

The service life of ceramic valve cartridges

Studies have shown that ceramic valve cartridges can still operate smoothly and easily after 500,000 to 1 million switch operations, ensuring their durability. The aging resistance, wear resistance, and maintenance-free properties of ceramic valve cartridges ensure operational stability, saving maintenance costs and labor intensity. Additionally, the aging resistance and wear resistance of ceramic valve cartridges also make their service life far exceed that of other valve cartridges.

The sealing performance of ceramic valve cartridges

The high tensile strength, deformation resistance, and the resistance to high and low temperatures, wear, and corrosion of ceramic materials determine the excellent sealing performance. Ceramic valve cartridges make it difficult for water to leak from the faucet head, achieving the goal of eco-friendly and water-saving.