Why Is Ceramic Valve Core Recommended for Shower Faucet Installation?

As we all know, the faucet is the main body of a shower, and the valve cartridge hidden in the faucet is the "heart" of the control of the water. Under the control of the handle opening and closing, the valve cartridge moves through itself to achieve hot and cold water in and out and the control of water volume. A showerhead no matter how clever the appearance design, how diverse the function development, if the missing valve cartridge this part, even the most basic water function can not be achieved, see the importance of the valve cartridge.

Therefore, the purchase of showerhead must not ignore the configuration of durable, good quality valve cartridge. So, what is a good choice of valve cartridge material?

Ceramic valve cartridge, stainless steel valve cartridge and copper valve cartridge which is good?

At present, the common valve cores on the market are mainly ceramic, stainless steel and copper valve cartridge.

Ceramic valve cartridge

The industry's most used, the most cost-effective valve core. Most of the internationally renowned bathroom brand products are configured with ceramic valve cartridge.

Why is the ceramic valve cartridge so popular? The biggest advantage is wear-resistant, high tensile degree, not easy to deformation, long service life. Due to the qualities of the material, not easy to be corroded, the water pollution is small, water safety is guaranteed. Good sealing performance, not easy to drip water leakage. Compared with other metal valve cartridge, the quality is lighter, easy to install, lower cost.

But the ceramic valve cartridge also has shortcomings, the water quality requirements are high, containing more impurities in the water quality will affect its service life. Ordinary city water, the use of ceramic valve cartridge no problem.

Stainless steel valve cartridge

The emergence of stainless steel valve cartridge than ceramic valve cartridge late, belongs to a new generation of valve cartridge materials, to make up for the disadvantages of ceramic valve cartridge.

Stainless steel valve cartridge is highly compatible with water quality, not easily affected by impurities in the water and shorten the service life, and stainless steel valve cartridge can be disassembled for cleaning, especially suitable for poor water quality areas.

Good stainless steel valve cartridge by one casting, high technical requirements of the process, the corresponding price is more expensive, for the average family is not as cost-effective as ceramic valve cartridge.

Copper valve cartridge

Fewer showers on the market use copper valve cartridge, mainly due to cost control and the performance of the valve cartridge itself. Copper valve cartridge texture is good, but after a long time easy to produce patina, there are water health risks. In the opening and closing smoothness and service life than the ceramic valve cartridge and stainless steel valve cartridge.

In summary, the most common showerhead, the most cost-effective is the ceramic valve cartridge.

How to disassemble the ceramic valve cartridge?

If the shower drips and leaks, do not rush to replace the shower with a new one. Try to remove and replace a new ceramic valve cartridge, the probability of solving the problem.

Please remember to turn off the water line and water heater before disassembling to ensure a safe environment for operation.

1. Turn off the decorative cap of the handle, where the handle fixing screw is located. Loosen the screws, remove the handle, about a turn or two to remove the handle.

2. Twist down the decorative cover, used shower, may be full of scale is difficult to remove. Remember not to twist too tight when installing, to facilitate future disassembly.

3. Remove the gland nut (nuts are also a variety of tools for their own flexible use), remove the valve cartridge.

4. Can lightly open the water valve, flush the valve body with a stream of water to exclude impurities, and then replace the new ceramic valve cartridge (positioning to be accurate, the installation surface should be clean and free of debris).

5. Reinstall the gland nut, the tightness should be moderate (loose water leakage, tight next inconvenience disassembly), turn the valve cartridge adjustment lever in a clockwise direction until it does not turn, and then install the handle, screws and decorative cover.

Finally, the shower valve cartridge recommended to buy ceramic valve cartridge, long service life and not easy to drip, leakage problems, use the heart, easy to disassemble.