Repair Method Of Cold And Hot Faucet Cartridge

Winter came, cold and hot water faucets began to be popular in the family, but no matter how good the quality of the faucet, there may be leakage, not give water, and other problems, this is because of the use of time long and normal phenomenon. Repairing cartridge is one of the ways, how to repair hot and cold faucet cartridge . And learn together to see the cold and hot water faucet cartridge replacement steps.

The Structure Of Cold And Hot Water Faucet Cartridge

The faucet cartridge is mainly composed of handle, ceramic disc and basement with the seals , there are mainly three holes at the bottom of the cartridge, two of which are one for entering cold water, the other for entering  hot water, and the remaining one for mixing the cold and hot water .

Hot And Cold Water Faucet Cartridge Replacement Procedure

1. Prepare tools

A same kind of cartridge as the old one . an Allen key , a wrench or plier  , a knife . 

2. Remove the hot and cold water indicator 

Before replacing the cartridge, find the water source switch of the faucet first, and then turn it off, so as not to spray water when replacing it. Then find the cold water button or plastic cap and gently pry it off with a small blade or knife so you can see the screws inside.

3. Remove the handle

Remove the screw in the hole with an allen key to remove the handle of the faucet.

4. Remove the fixing shell and nuts 

After removing the handle, remove the fixed shell and nuts with tools. 

5. installation

Then take out the old cartridge ,intall the new cartridge to the faucet , may sure that the  two convex pin on the bottom of the cartridge are aligned with the two blocked holes of the faucet .the cartridge should securely set into place . then reassemble the nut and fixing shell , handle and so on.  Contact us for more wanhai faucet cartridge products, like the 25mm ceramic disc cartridge and mixer tap inner cartridge.