What Material Of Faucet Cartridge Is Good?

The heart of the faucet is its spool, the spool directly affects the service life of the faucet, so before buying a faucet, we must first understand the spool of the faucet, only clear how to choose a good spool, in order to choose a good faucet, At present, there are mainly rubber spool (slow spool), ceramic spool (fast spool) and stainless steel spool on the market, so which kind of spool material is good?

How About A Rubber Core Faucet Cartridge?

Use rubber core faucet is spiral more open cast iron faucet, with the improvement of people's living standard, the material of valve core faucet has does not apply to people's life, it not only life is shorter, but also prone to leakage phenomenon, with the concept of contemporary popular environmental protection life backsliding, has been basically eliminated.

Ceramic Faucet Cartridge 

Ceramic valve core faucet appearance thanks to the development of science and technology, as a kind of new materials in recent years, the quality by the vast majority of consumer recognition, able to withstand repeated 500000 times still normal use after open, close, long service life, to some extent, also save the maintenance cost of consumers and the intensity of labor, and high temperature resistance, wear resistance, the tensile strength of the ceramic material is high, Not easy to leak water droplets, adapt to the contemporary popular concept of green environmental protection life, is a popular tap spool material in the market.

Stainless Steel Faucet Cartridge 

Stainless steel materials and ceramic valve core, valve core are appeared in recent years, a new type of material, compared to ceramic valve core faucet, stainless steel faucet valve core requirement for water quality is not high, more suitable to the area water quality is poor, can achieve the effect of "the silt but not imbrued", will not affect the service life of the tap, so clean and convenient apart, oneself can be done in the home, Do NOT NEED TO ASK A PROFESSIONAL, CAN save a cleaning fee, but because it is the material THAT appears newly, THE THING IS expensive with rare, the price is still more expensive at present.

This is one small make up to introduce the three kinds of material of the tap valve core, hope to help consumers want to buy faucet, only to understand the faucet valve core, can be more comprehensive to choose suits own faucet, in general, recommend choosing ceramic valve core faucet, family economic permission, of course, can choose stainless steel faucet valve core, Did not mention but cost-effective material consumers can also consider, did not say which material is better, only suitable for their own is the best.


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