One Minute Introduction to the Faucet Valve Cartridge

Faucet valve cartridge is an item used to control water flow in the bathroom. It is a type of single-handle faucet. In the past, double-handle compression faucets were mainly used for this purpose. One handle is for cold water and the other for hot water. You can easily control the flow of cold or hot water using the single handle in a cylindrical faucet.

Understanding of the faucet valve cartridge

It is a device that controls the faucet switch, adjusts the water outlet flow rate and temperature. Simply put, it is the core of the faucet. Currently, the mainstream faucet on the market uses a ceramic faucet valve cartridge, which refers to a ceramic plate made of highly wear-resistant ceramics inside the faucet valve cartridge, which achieves the purpose of water flow and stopping through rotation coordination. It does not mean that the entire faucet valve cartridge is made of ceramic material.

There may be two cylindrical faucets in your bathroom. Each faucet handle comes with an ink cartridge. The faucet valve cartridge is a replaceable water valve that controls the water flow to the faucet outlet. The inside has an inner flow valve and the outside has an outer flow valve. When you turn the faucet, the valve will move and allow water to flow through the faucet to your sink. Usually, ink cartridges are made of plastic and come with a metal fixed nut. In the case of compression faucets, they come with a metal valve that includes a flat rubber washer.

Faucet valve cartridge contains some parts, including 2 check valves, 1 balance faucet valve cartridge, a temperature sensor, and a ceramic faucet valve cartridge.

How does the faucet valve cartridge work?

Cylindrical faucet is the next-generation double-handle compression faucet. However, it is now difficult to find compression faucets. Compression faucets have two handles: one for circulating cold water and the other for circulating hot water. You have to turn the thread to tighten or lose the washer to control the water flow. In the cylindrical faucet, it only has one handle connected to the valve body. When closing the faucet, you can easily control the flow of hot or cold water using a single handle, instead of two handles; the filter cartridge inside the shell prevents water from flowing out of both inlets.

After turning on the faucet, there are some strategic holes that allow cold water and hot water to enter. However, the design of these strategic holes does not allow cold and hot water to flow together. If you want cold water, you should turn it in one direction. For hot water, you must turn it in the opposite direction.

In the past, metal was used to make filter cartridges. But now, most faucet valve cartridges are made of plastic. However, water will not stop flowing unless you use rubber washers in the rubber O-rings and valve seats. Therefore, your faucet will continue to spray water. When you turn on the switch for hot or cold water, it circulates through the check valve, then passes through the balance faucet valve cartridge of the ink cartridge, which controls the flow rate according to pressure changes, and then flows through the thermostatic portion. If you change the water temperature, the sensor will control it inside the filter cartridge, and the ceramic faucet valve cartridge inside the ink cartridge determines the water outlet.